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Primary Softshoe

In our Primary Softshoe classes, dancers focus on establishing familiarity with a larger variety of Irish music, tempos and steps.


Dancers continue building fundamentals essential to technique and body alignment through correct warmup, stretching and progressive technical drills.


Dancers will commence more advanced primary level dances. Basic ceili dances, Gaelic and general knowledge questions in preparation for Grade 1 & 2 examinations are also taught in this class.

Intermediate Softshoe

In this class, dancers will be challenged to master more intricate footwork, with the emphasis of training focusing on improving technique, turnout, crossover, stamina, flexibility and strength through a higher level of drills and skills.


Dancers will incorporate these new skills into their softshoe solo dances along with a mix of modern and traditional ceili dances for feis, performance choreography and exams.

Please see our timetable for more information.

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