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Elevation irish dance performance group Mackay Marian

Curriculum-based, progressive classes for children

Beginners to World Champions

Our dance studio is focused on teaching the art and techniques of traditional Irish dance to students of all ages and levels and developing a deep connection between our dancers and the beautiful music that accompanies the traditional Irish steps.


Our classes ensure dancers build fundamentals essential to technique and body alignment through correct warmup, age-appropriate stretching, and progressive drills to build a strong foundation of technique.  We create an enjoyable and engaging environment where students can improve their musicality and stepwork, all while building lasting friendships with their fellow dancers. 

Dancers are placed into classes based on their age and ability level at teacher discretion. Irish dance is an individual sport and dancers progress and excel at their own pace.

JUMP23 SOFTSHOE (5 years to 7 years)

Jump23 follows on from the Jump’n Jig program and young dancers continue their gross motor development learning correct warmup, stretching, posture, technique, musicality and steps to perform. Jump23 Softshoe dancers will also learn the basics of hardshoe dancing and to count to ten in Gaelic.


In our softshoe classes, dancers focus on establishing familiarity with Irish music and steps along with correct dance technique. Ceili dances, Gaelic and general knowledge questions are taught in preparation for Irish dance examinations and to give all dancers a holistic education of the Irish culture and history.


In this class, dancers will be challenged to master more intricate footwork, with the emphasis of training focusing on improving technique, through a higher level of drills and skills. Dancers will incorporate these new skills into their softshoe solo dances along with a mix of modern and traditional ceil dances for feis, performance choreography, examinations and concert.


Starting in our Level 1 Hardshoe Class, dancers will develop the foundational skills needed to excel in solo dances and modern choreographies. Through repetitive exercises, drills, and combinations, dancers build strength, flexibility, and coordination in their ankles and feet. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to challenging each dancer every step of the way, helping them become the best dancer they can be.


The Championship Class covers all areas of traditional and modern Irish dancing: softshoe, hardshoe, ceili dancing, examination preparation and performance choreography. This class is specifically designed for our top-level dancers and runs several times a week to ensure dancers can cover all areas of technique, drills, skills, ankle strength, core stability, stamina and flexibility.

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