Jump'n Jig

Jump’n Jig is the complete Irish dance preschool program.  It was
designed to help pre-schoolers develop coordination, self-esteem & social skills through dance, music and play.  This class is for dancers aged 2 to 5.  


Softshoe Classes

In our beginner softshoe classes , students commence with basic moves before learning the four beginner softshoe dances.

As dancers advance and master more intricate footwork, the emphasis of softshoe training focuses on improving technique, turnout, cross-over, stamina, flexibility and strength.

All classes consist of warmups, technical drills, and a mix of modern as well as traditional solo and ceili dances.


Teen/Adult Class

The adult class is currently only available at our Marian Centre. It is a casual class and dancers of all experience levels are welcomed. The class consists of warmup, stretching, technical drills prior to solo and ceili dancing.

Dancers have the choice to participate in concert, examinations and also competitions or you can dance purely for the love of it without the pressure to perform onstage!



Dancers are able to join our hardshoe classes once they have mastered the beginner softshoe moves. 

Once dancers have learned the basics of traditional Irish hardshoe dancing they are constantly challenged with new steps and rhythmic combinations as they progress.

The hardshoe dances consist of Treble Jigs, Hornpipes, Treble Reels, Traditional Sets and Modern Set Dances, all of varying levels of difficulty.















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